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Post by outer on Thu Oct 11, 2007 12:17 am

Screen veteran DONALD SUTHERLAND is such a fan of his son KIEFER's hit show 24 he once blasted him for revealing plot details over dinner. Donald never misses an episode of the series, which stars Kiefer as anti-terrorism expert Jack Bauer. However, Kiefer once felt his father's fury after he unwittingly gave away story details. He says, "I remember last year we were having dinner and I made the mistake of saying I had to go home soon because we're shooting x, y and z. And he got cross with me, because I had told him what I was shooting, just not thinking about it, and obviously gave away a piece of the plot." It's no surprise Donald took it so hard - he even followed the show when he was in France filming. Kiefer explains, "My old man started to watch 24 in France when he was on location - it didn't have any commercials over there. "Then he came to the States and he hated the commercials. Then he went back to France and he missed the commercials, because it gave him time to breathe. I always found that funny."
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