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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:26 am

Hey guys. Thought that if nobody minds I would share a couple of stories with you. Very Happy
This is the one I'm currently working on. Its the second in a series. And I'd be happy to post the first here.
But for now, I hope you guys like this one. Very Happy

A Colourful Christmas Story.

Peter Micheal Rosen was your typical five year old boy. Named lovingly after the boy who would never grow up, he was the very picture of youthful innocence. That is when he wasn’t throwing one of his little temper tantrums! Like most children his age he could throw tantrums that would see grown-ups cowering into submission. And only a hardened few (people like his mummy) could resist it.

His mummy never put up with his tantrums, and he rarely threw them anyway. For the most part he was a happy go lucky, contented little boy who was well loved and loved well in return.

Sure sometimes he would feel a little lonely. He couldn’t help it. Seeing other kids in his class going home with their brothers and sisters. It hurt sometimes because he was on his own. He noticed most at the end of a school day, when he would see all his friends going home with their families laughing and chatting.

But his mummy loved him, and he knew that he wasn’t alone really, because she was always with him. She always knew just what to say and do to make him feel special. And always when he needed it most.
Mummy had been much happier since she’d met Mr Bauer. It had taken Peter a long time to try and get used to calling him Mr S…

Mr Suth….

Mr Sutherland? Had he got it right? Probably not. And by this point it didn’t really matter. Mr Bauer didn’t really mind being called Mr Bauer. He was actually a very nice man. And nothing like the man on the telly that mummy had kept going on about! Peter had never seen him on the telly. His mummy had said he was too little to see him on there. But mummy kept saying all sorts to her friends. She used to go on and on about how hot he was. She even said once that he was…



What ever that was! Mummy had been so bad going on about him being hot that when Peter had first come face to face with him he’d been afraid to touch him. It had taken mummy ages to explain things properly to him. And it had still taken a few more meetings before Peter was sure that Mr Bauer wouldn’t burn him!

Sitting in the small office of the school headmistress he sighed, wondering what mummy and Mr Bauer would think of him. He thought that they’d probably be really mad with him.
After all he was in a lot of trouble.

Mrs Dobson walked in through the big brown door to the office, shutting it quietly behind her and coming down to sit in the big green sofa next to him.

“Well Peter.” She said softly.

“Do you know why you’re in so much trouble?”

“Yes Mrs Dobson.”


“Maybe I shouldn’t have punched Gavin Woodall?”

“No” She said softly.

“You shouldn’t. You know punching is a really bad thing to do. Its not nice to punch others. It was very wrong and I would like you to say sorry”

“But Mrs Dobson!” Peter whined.

“ He started it. He pushed me! And he told me that…”

“I know what he did. And I know that he will say sorry. But you have to say sorry too.”

Peter crossed his arms frustratedly. He didn’t think it was fair that he should be saying sorry after what Gavin had said. He only hoped that it wasn’t true. It was a very mean thing to say. And Gavin had gone and hit him afterwards to make things worse! He thought that Gavin deserved to be punched. But sitting in the office only two weeks before Christmas he knew just how much trouble he would be in when his mummy found out.

“I have called your mummy and she will be on her way here to pick you up.” Mrs Dobson said.

Peter huffed lightly. Leaning back into the fabric of the sofa and crossing his arms. Waiting to see what mummy had to say.

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Wed Dec 12, 2007 2:12 pm

Louise had just finished her shift at work for the day. Standing by the coat rack at the very back of her stockroom and putting on her coat she thought of how wonderful this Christmas was going to be for her. She and Kiefer would be spending their first full Christmas together. No work, no gruelling schedule. Just them, together for Christmas day.

Just as she was zipping her full length black coat up she heard the creaking sound of the stockroom door. It was followed by the deep and rumbling sound of a warm and velvety voice.

“Louise. Baby you hidin in here?”

“Hey sweetie. Just getting my coat on.” She called back, not hearing him as he stealthily walked in to the room and crept up behind her. He took her by complete surprise as he embraced her. Causing her to jump as she felt his arms coiling around her waist. Gasping lightly as he nuzzled into her neck from behind her.

“Wouldn’t you rather be tearin it off?” he growled into her ear. She groaned in response. Turning to face him, her lips instantly meeting with his as they shared a brief yet passionate kiss. Louise broke it first. Resting her forehead against his for a few seconds before inching backwards and smiling devilishly.

“No s*x now please. After all I am British”

“Which means?” He said raising a questioning eyebrow.

“Never on a Monday!” she chuckled, her chuckle turning into a deep groan as he pasted her lips and her neck with kiss after kiss.

“You sure?” he mumbled in between kisses. Wrapping his arms around her and holding her close to him.

“Maybe I could make one exception” she mumbled back as she began to return the kisses feverishly.
The two of them were well aware that there was only one other member of staff in the shop. And she was on the shop floor. So unless world war 3 was to break out there would be no reason for her to come down into the stockroom.

They had it all to themselves. And were secreted away from the entrance by a whole room full of clothes.
Louise’s heart began to pound as their passionate kisses deepened and their tongues caressed. Kiefer’s hand reached up to cup her cheeks, her own hands starting to wander as she curled her arms around him. She traced light lines over the vast expanse of his back. Her head swimming as she closed her eyes and felt her soul begin to lift.

Kiefer moaned into her mouth. The noise stifled by the growing intensity of their heated kisses. Louise found her hands moving with more urgency. Her fingers quickly working the zipper on her coat. Kiefer helped to peel it away from her shoulders. Feeling the contours of her body pressing hard against him. He left her mouth, sending a blazing wet trail of kisses down her neck where he settled. Letting his tongue dance over the skin there. Kissing, caressing as he heard the deep and shaky sound of her breathing.

Lousie raised her head to the ceiling, feeling the intense light on her closed eye lids and trying to steady herself as she felt herself lifting higher and higher. She felt a yearning to have him. Deep in the pit of her body. She felt her need where she wanted him most. In her loins. An ache so bad that she was seconds away from screaming for him to make love to her.

A phone started to ring. The shrill version of Jingle Bells interrupting them. Louise groaned in frustration.

“Ignore it” Kiefer breathed deeply. Making her skin tingle as he continued to tease her.

“I’m sorry. I can’t” she moaned disappointed

She planted her hands on his chest, staving her hunger for him as she reluctantly eased him backwards.

“Why not?”

“It’s my phone.”

“Really?” He uttered confused

“You changed your dial tone?”

“Yeah…” she sighed turning her back to him as she scanned the coat rack for her black handbag. She spotted it almost immediately. Lifting the front flap and sifting through it.

‘Who ever it is’ she thought ‘it better be bloody good!’

“…I wanted something Christmasy. Plus I got bored of the other one.”

“It was getting to be a bit ‘old hat’”

“OOOOO!” Lousie exclaimed, still fumbling through her handbag as she wondered who’d replaced it with a bottomless pit.

“ ‘Old hat’ eh? Listen to you with your upper crust English phrases!”

“Well my dear!” Kiefer said, throwing his poshest English accent.

“I am rapidly transforming into a true British Gentleman!”

Lousie spluttered loudly bursting into a fit of giggles

“Well sir! So I see!”

The giggles faded as she still tried to find her ringing phone. The damned thing kept evading her even though it was vibrating her whole bag!

“Wanna see my ‘stiff’ upper lip?” Kiefer said suggestively. And Louise roared with laughter. Her mind going over the joke again and again. Putting it on constant repeat until her eyes were streaming with tears of laughter.

Eventually her fingers closed around the sleek shape of her mobile phone. She fished it out of her handbag and was about to answer it when the ringing ceased.

“Typical” Kiefer said grumpily.

“Now there you sounded more like your average New Yorker” Louise put in as she glanced down at the caller display and recognised the number.

She frowned. Confused.

“ Its Peter’s school” she said, pressing the button to call the number.

Kiefer stood and watched her face darken more and more as he heard her end of the conversation.

“ Yes… this is Louise Rosen… I’m sorry? …. But …. That’s not like him at all… Yes of course…. I’ll make my way there now…. Thanks…. Bye.”

She snapped the phone shut. Scowling. Looking perplexed as she scratched at the side of her head.

“Peter’s in trouble. He got in a fight today.”

“What? That’s not like him. He doesn’t go in for that.” Kiefer answered in dismay.

“Yeah well. I was supposed to wait here till Nina showed up for her shift. But I think I’m just gonna head straight there.” Louise uttered. Her cheeks filling with a deep ruby red colour. Kiefer reached for the floor, picking up her coat and helping her slip it back on as she reached for her handbag.

“I’m sure he’s fine and it’s nothing,” Kiefer said soothingly.

“Well…” Louise answered.

“ We’ll find out soon enough.”

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Thu Dec 13, 2007 3:03 pm

The black cab moved silently down the quiet suburban neighbourhood. Louise glanced nervously at her watch for about the hundredth time since they’d got in the cab.

“3:15” she uttered. Looking back up at the window. Knowing that it would be seconds before the streets would start flooding with children travelling on their way home.

As if to confirm her theory a young girl dressed in a thick brown coat with a firs trimmed hood darted out. Crossing the road directly in front of the cab and causing the driver to break suddenly.
Kiefer and Louise felt the harsh jolt. Their bodies shifting as the little girl finally noticed the vehicle and continued on her way, giggling as she went.

“Bl**dy kids!” the driver hissed

“Why can’t they at least look when they’re crossing the road?!”

Louise could feel herself trembling with anxiety. She gnawed her lower lip as the tips of her fingers tapped on the leather of the seat in quick succession. She could hear the light sound of her nails tapping on the material. A warm and tender hand enveloped hers, her fingers slowly coming to rest as it gently closed over them. Her eyes lifted, to meet Kiefer’s. He was smiling warmly at her. His steady gaze was full of love and comfort.

“Its okay. It’s probably nothing.”

She could see the quiet confidence in his eyes the same way that he could see the apprehension in hers. The worry for her son.

“Peter’s never been in trouble before.” She said. Her voice cracking.

“He’s a good boy. And he always does as he’s told. Why now? “Why this close to Christmas? He knows how much this means to me. Why do something naughty now?”

“Relax…” Kiefer said soothingly.

“…you don’t even know what you’re going in for yet.”

Louise felt herself ease a little. The tight knots of tension in her body loosening slightly.

“What did they say on the phone?”

“Not much. Just that I needed to come into school regarding an issue with Peter….
…or something like that anyway.”

Louise’s eyes returned to the frosty world outside the cab window. The crisp blue sky. The bright sun in the distance, promising a heat that wasn’t really there.

The barren trees and plants that lined the streets and rows of houses. And their cool white tinged branches. The cab crept up slowly outside a large set of gates. Crawling to a stop as the cab driver pressed a button on his meter. There was a high pitched beep as the fare flashed up.

“Go on ahead” Kiefer said reassuringly.

“I’ll just get this and be right behind you.”

Louise snatched greedily at the doors’ handle, throwing the cab door open and spilling out onto the street as Kiefer fished through his pocket and pulled out a ten pound note.

“Keep the change.” He said. Moving quickly to follow Louise as she walked through the gates and up to the main doors of Broadmouth Primary school.


Mrs Anita Dobson was sitting at her office desk when the receptionist, a young woman called Mandy, peeked her head in through the door.

“Mrs Dobson. Ms Rosen is here to see you.” She said gingerly.

“Send her in please.” Mrs Dobson announced calmly. Right at this moment she was the very image of calm. Her mind thinking in clear lines, as she worked out precisely how to address the delicate issue of a parent and their child being in trouble. It was almost exactly the same every single time. They were too quick to blame everyone but their child. So caught up in their own little protective bubble they were blinded to the fact that every child has a tendency to react. To be physical. To fight.

Her 20 years of employment as a teacher and headmistress had taught her many things. The most important lesson being, to treat all business in a clear calm manner. Ms Rosen walked briskly in through the door, pushing it open as she was followed be her partner. A man that was apparently quite a celebrity. He had proven to be very popular with students and parents alike.

Mrs Dobson really didn’t see what all of the fuss was about. After all. He was just a plain and ordinary man. In her eyes he really didn’t look anything special. Mrs Dobson threw them a brilliant sunshine smile. A smile that boasted a warm welcome.

Peter seemed overjoyed to see his mother walking in to the room in spit of the fact that he must have known that she wouldn’t be happy to be going into the office. Louise spotted him on the sofa by the wall. Her face breaking out into a large grin of relief.

“Mummy!” Peter yelled. He was halfway to bounding off the sofa when a cool and commanding voice halted him in his tracks.

“I don’t think I told you to leave the sofa. You can wait a moment longer while your mummy comes in and sits down.” Peter sat back down in his seat, his face falling as Lousie turned and looked Mrs Dobson in complete disgust

Mrs Dobson threw them both another one of her trademark welcoming smiles. Offering them both a seat and calling Peter to step up to the desk from his place on the sofa. He ran straight into the arms of his mother who hugged him, yet eyed the headmistress doubtfully.

“Come and sit on my lap” Louise said, snatching Peter off of the floor and sitting him down on her knee.
“Well Ms Rosen first off I’d like to thank you and your partner for making it down here so promptly and at very short notice. I understand that schedules can be important. But I do feel this is a serious issue, which needs addressing sooner rather than later.

Louise nodded. A dim silence falling over the room. Mrs Dobson chose her next words carefully.

“I must ask that Peter be out of the room while we discuss this issue. I do not think it would be in his best interests to overhear our conversation.”

Louise was about to protest when Kiefer offered to take Peter out of the room. He turned to her, throwing her another reassuring smile before standing up and coaxing Peter out of the room with him. Peter had seemed reluctant to go. But eventually they left the room together.

Once they were outside Kiefer knelt down in front of the little boy. Taking Peter and holding his arms gently.

Bringing his eye level with Peter’s so as to look him clearly in the eye. To him it was best to look someone in the eye while you spoke to them. It was a gesture of respect. And age difference was irrelevant. Everybody deserved a measure of respect.

“Hey buddy. Do you wanna tell me why your mom got called in today?”

Peter shook his head vehemently.

“Its okay…” Kiefer said softly.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

He stood up, straightening and watching Peter’s resolve gradually breaking. His bright green eyes glistening with tears as he fought back the mixture of emotions.

“I punched Gavin Woodall.” He said shamefully.

Kiefer was caught with surprise. This was not a normal Peter Rosen. He had only known him for a year or so. But he had known in his gut that something made Peter react. Peter didn’t hit out first. He fought back. And only when he absolutely had to. Otherwise he was quite content to just potter along. Something caused him to hit the other boy. But what? He looked down at Peter’s seeing the first few tears rolling swiftly down his cheeks.

Reaching down, his heart full of sympathy, he swiped away some of the tears, hearing Peter sniffle once or twice as he tried to console him.

“Why did you hit him?” Kiefer exclaimed.

“He told me there was no such thing as Father Christmas.”

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by MS K S on Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:57 pm

I'm SO LOVING THIS STORY!! The nerve of that young boy telling Peter that there is no such thing as Father Christmas and calling his mother and Kiefer such awful names!! Then again, that boy has learned from his momma. Parents! I can't stand it when they teach youngins' such negativity!!

Can't wait for the update!!

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by outer on Thu Dec 13, 2007 8:13 pm

Great story! Congratulations.
Im waiting for more.

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Sun Dec 16, 2007 12:32 am

Thank you very much for the replies Smile Here is the next update Smile

Kiefer’s heart ached for Peter as he burst into floods of tears.

“Hey…” he uttered soothingly.

“Hey buddy. Don’t cry. It’s all right. It’ll be all right.”

He crouched down beside Peter and held his arms out in offer of a hug. Peter hurled himself forwards, causing Kiefer to wobble unsteadily for a few seconds before regaining his balance. They shared a huge embrace. Kiefer squeezing tightly and feeling a little jerk with each of Peter’s loud sobs. They slowly receded, becoming light sniffles as they finally broke the hug and brought themselves to inch backwards.

“Is it true?”

“Is what true?”

“That Father Christmas isn’t real. Is it true?”

Kiefer hesitated for an instant. Peter was a little young to be hearing the truth. He was only a five-year-old after all. But how could Kiefer look him in the eye and lie to him? He wasn’t sure that he could.

The question rekindled memories of Sarah. And the day that she’d sat down and told him that she knew ‘the big secret about Santa’

It had been a warm and sunny Christmas morning (which was not uncommon in Los Angeles). Sarah had been either 8 or 9 years old. Kiefer was pretty sure it was after she had turned 8.

He had been staying at Camelia’s house watching Sarah’s beautiful brown eyes light up every time she unwrapped one of her presents. Sitting there, in the wide-open expanse of Camelia’s living room Kiefer felt the warm rays of the sun beating down on him through the huge glass windows. He relished it, savouring the warm toasted feeling as if he were imagining himself in front of a roaring fire.

He’d made a light crack about Santa having no trouble with snow in LA. Something about him needing sunglasses instead. Not a very good joke and only memorable because of Sarah’s reaction. Sitting there on the large burgundy rug next to the Christmas tree, she had turned to him. Her long dark hair moving effortlessly around her shoulders. Her rosy cheeks and her face full of youthful energy. A big and bright smile on her face as she simply said:

“Daddy it’s okay. You don’t have to pretend anymore.”

“What pretend?” he scoffed

“What are you talking about?”

“I know the truth.”

She threw him a look of understanding. An adult expression that was totally out of place on an 8 year old child. And in that expression he saw clearly that his ‘little girl’ was fast becoming a young woman. He spared a quick uncertain glance at Camelia who was looking awkwardly over to another part of the living room. He looked back at his daughter, holding back for only a moment before exploding in a tirade of playful but indignant protest.

Deep down though, in his gut, he’d known it would be pointless to argue with her. He’d known it almost as soon as he’d opened his mouth. Just the look in her eyes. That tired look of acceptance. A look that aged her far beyond her years. One that made his heart pine with sympathy. The same look that Peter wore as Kiefer faced him in that school hallway.

“Of course it’s not true!” Kiefer exclaimed. His gut telling him that even though he was lying to the boy, deep down he was doing the right thing.

“How about you tell me everything that happened and then we can talk about it more. What do you say?”

Peter sniffled once or twice as Kiefer sat down on the floor. Leaning his back casually against the wall, hitching his knees up and resting his forearms lightly on them. Peter copied the gesture. The two of them sitting there side by side. Kiefer looking pale and tired while Peter had the flushed red face and puffy eyes of a child who has cried his heart out.

Kiefer clasped his left hand in his right, rubbing his thumb softly back and forth over the same spot on his closed fist. The motion bringing him comfort as Peter began to explain the whole story.

“We had just finished story time. And Mrs Kelly asked em to put away the story book. Gavin was being naughty. He tried to take the book from me…”

Peter’s voice was fractured with emotion. The strained sounds filling the air as he continued.

“…He got angry when I told him he couldn’t have it. He said mummy was a mean and nasty woman. Said his mummy had told him not to play with me because me and my mummy have nasty germs and bugs. Said you were a fake. And not the real Mr Bauer.

And that I was a big baby….

…I told him that he was being rude and that Father Christmas wouldn’t give him a present because of how naughty he was being. That was when…


Peter stopped in mid speech. His melancholy overcoming him. Kiefer draped an arm around his shoulders, holding him close as Peter cried.

“Go on Petie. It’s okay. You can tell me the rest.”

Peter needed little encouragement.


“That he was nothing but a big fake. And that I was stupid for believing in him. Then he started pushing me and I got so angry that I…”

“…punched him.” Kiefer finished thoughtfully.

Peter nodded solemnly before breaking down again into yet more tears. Kiefer cuddled him close. Offering words of comfort.

“Its okay” Kiefer said.

“Your mom won’t be long. And then we can all talk about it together.”

“Do you think mummy will be angry with me?” Peter sobbed

“That’s not for me to say buddy.” Kiefer said sadly.

“You know it’s not right to hit someone. But I can understand why you did.”

“I don’t want my mummy to eb angry. I never meant to be naughty. I’m going to ruin things for her!”


Kiefer looked down at Peter and their eyes connected. Kiefer’s determination showing quite clearly.

“You haven’t wrecked anything Petie. And we will work things out okay?”

Peter nodded again, before leaning heavily into Kiefer’s side as Kiefer’s arms held him close. Kiefer thought of Lousie inside the office. Wondering what she would make of Mrs Dobson’s version of the story. And wondering only briefly if Peter was being completely honest with him.

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by Flylinks on Tue Dec 18, 2007 9:17 pm

This story is beautiful!!

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Fri Dec 21, 2007 11:21 pm

Thanks for the comment flylinks. I'm really glad you guys like the story Smile

The door clicked shut, leaving the two women sitting face to face in an eerie silence. Louise waited anxiously for Mrs Dobson to begin. Feeling in some strange way like she was back to her own school days. Waiting for teacher to scold her for whatever it was that she’d done wrong. Mrs Dobson kept her eyes on the office door, watching as it settled into its frame and stayed there. Then turning her attention to Louise’s slender and stress filled face. Seeing the concern that had flooded her soft brown eyes.

“Well let me begin by thanking you for coming at such short notice.”

Louise nodded obediently.

“No problem. What is this about?”

Mrs Dobson’s expression dropped, the light heartedness fading away into nothing. Replaced by a somber look of disappointment.


… I’m afraid to have to tell you that…

…Peter was involved in an incident with another young boy in his class. An altercation in which both children were injured.”

Louise didn’t stir. And there was no sudden outburst. No blatant denial.

‘Maybe I’m actually dealing with on objective parent here. Someone who knows to keep an open mind.’
There was a pause. Time enough for Mrs Dobson to relish the refreshing change of pace and for Louise to pick and chose the relevant words that would form her question. Plucking them out of the dozens of thoughts that were streaming through her frazzled brain.

“What actually happened?”

“Well according to Peter, the young boy in question said some very unpleasant things to him. There was a physical exchange between them, which resulted in Peter punching the other child…”

Louise’s jaw sank, her mouth ajar as the shock set in.

Peter was an angel. Her angel. She had taught him better than to use his fists. She remembered teaching him one of her favorite lines. One that she’d used almost every single time he’d even mentioned smacking.

“People who use violence are people who’ve run out of good ideas up here.”

She would always point to her temple. Doing it out of habit to try and put her point across to him. And it was one of her many sayings, but one she used more often than most. Children Peter’s age still didn’t understand that violence was a horrid thing. They had to learn it as they grew. So many times when peter was a toddler he would punish inanimate objects by smacking them. He’d had a hilarious habit of bumping into things when walking around and smacking them as a way of telling them off. Then he’d get angry when they didn’t answer him.

Louise spent so many times fighting back the laughter as she watched her young son getting more and more irate with things like doorframes. It had been one of his cute and charming aspects. Getting red in the face and yelling at a doorframe or chair while it sat silently. But Peter had learned well as he’d gotten older. He’d learned faster than others. And for him to hit out at someone without being provoked…


It wasn’t right. Something about it wasn’t right at all. He would never hit first. Not for no reason.

“What kind of ‘physical’ exchange?”

Louise took great pains to highlight the word physical. Thinking of all the things that the word could have meant.

“Well he claims that the other boy pushed him repeatedly.”

“And did the other boy push him?”

“Well the Ms Kelly did see Peter being pushed once or twice before he hit out.”

“Right” Louise said. It was a short answer but the more and more she was hearing the less she liked the situation.

Mrs Dobson had admitted that Peter had been pushed and verbally victimised before he’d hit back. And yet he was the one being kept inside the School office? What had happened to the other boy? Had he been punished like this?

“May I ask what has happened to this other boy? Will he be punished in the same manner as my son?”

“Well he has been spoken to by Mrs Kelly. But under the circumstances we felt Peters’ act was much more severe.”

“So let me get this straight. The boy has been rude to my son and pushed him, and yet Peter is being punished and having his mother called in? Why? Because he isn’t left with a scar? Because he didn’t push back and punched instead?”

“Well…” Mrs Dobson said matter of factly.

“…A lot of the time children who don’t communicate well verbally tend to communicate physically.”
“Well a minute ago you said that before he’d been pushing Peter this other boy had called him names, so I don’t see that he had any problem with verbal communication.”

Louise found that her voice was rising higher and higher with each word.

Getting louder with agitation. So far nothing this school had done was right by Peter. And while she would have conceded if Peter had hit out first, for Peter to be provoked into this and get punished? It angered her to no end. She clenched her fists into tight little balls. Her nails digging so hard into the skin of her palms that she was leaving crescent marks.

“I said Peter had claimed that he’d called him names.” Mrs Dobson said flatly.

“That is beside the point” Louise argued.

“Actually that is the entire point. If the other boy did call him names and the teacher had seen that, we would have been treating this a little differently. But since all Ms Kelly saw was Peter being pushed…”

“So basically my son gets pushed and pushed into defending himself and gets punished for it, while the little bugger who caused it all has gotten away Scott free. Is that what you are trying to tell me?”

“Ms Rosen, I think you are being very unreasonable….”

Mrs Dobson sounded put out, but by now Louise was far from caring about how Mrs Dobson sounded. Glancing over at one of the rooms many brightly coloured posters she noticed a sign there. The schools motto:



Respect for

Everyone. C.A.R.E.

Somehow she felt her boy was being short changed to that extent.

“…Peter’s actions are very serious. And need to be addressed.”

With that Louise’s attention snapped back to Mrs Dobson, her eyes glaring with fury.

“You know that Peter has never done something like this before. His record is spotless until now.”

“Yes but given the severity of the case I think its best that he be suspended.”

“You will do no such thing!” Louise roared, rising to her feet and feeling her blood boiling in her veins.

“You listen. I don’t care if you don’t punish the other boy. But if you so much as consider suspending Peter for a MINOR first offence I will be going to the board of governors and stating my case. As for Peter, I am his mother and I will punish him at home as I see fit.”

Mrs Dobson was left dumbfounded. Reeling from shock to the point where she didn’t know quite how to react. Her face looking as white as a sheet and her eyes wide open as she watched Louise storming out of the room.

“Peter will be in school tomorrow as usual.” Louise said, seizing the door handle and throwing it open with a strength that she wasn’t even aware of.

She steamed out of the room, leaving a shocked and angry Headmistress in her wake.


Kiefer and Peter were alarmed when they heard raised voices coming from the office. Well. One raised voice. Louise’s, she sounded pissed beyond belief! Kiefer wasn’t even sure that was his girlfriend in there. It sounded more like the devil had gone in unnoticed and kicked up world war 3.

A shadow appeared at the door, Kiefer made it out easily through the frosted glass. Louise. He barely had time to think before the door was being hurled inwards. And Louise was storming out with all the force of a hurricane.
She flew out and down the hall. Peter and Kiefer jumping to their feet to run and catch her up.

“Mum! Mummy wait!” Peter exclaimed. His voice filled with the very real feeling of fear. Kiefer could understand why. Peter was assuming that Louise was angry at him.

“Mummy please I’m sorry!” Peter yelled.

At that Louise stopped dead in her tracks. She turned to face Peter as he caught up with her. Eyes wide with horror and remorse all in one go. The mixture of emotions making her resemble a frightened puppy. Kiefer felt his heart melting as she reached down and took Peter’s arms. Looking him straight in the eye. Her own eyes watering with sympathy for him.

“You sweetheart, have nothing to be sorry for. Don’t ever be sorry for something that isn’t your fault. That boy pushed you didn’t he?”

“Yes” Peter sniffled. On the verge of tears.

“What did he say to you?”

“He told me there was no such thing as Father Christmas, that he was fake!”

Peter was resisting the urge to burst into tears. Kiefer could see it. Maybe it was because he didn’t want to cry in front of his mother. Maybe it was because he’d done enough crying. Kiefer wasn’t sure. But one thing was obvious. Louise was even more infuriated. Her grip on Peter’s arms tightened to the point where he could see the material of Peter’s jumper being screwed up in her grasp.

“Peter? Baby? If EVER he does something like that again?”


“Punch him harder.”

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by kieferfan13 on Sat Dec 22, 2007 5:10 am

Yo go Louise.....Love it.

A Colourful Christmas Story Style7,Kiefer

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by MS K S on Sat Dec 22, 2007 4:40 pm

I'm with Louise here! I would have told my daughters the same thing...PUNCH 'EM HARDER!

Urrgghhh... That Ms Dobson woman deserves to get punched herself.

GREAT UPDATE!!! Can't wait to read the next one!!! Smile

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Sun Dec 23, 2007 11:22 pm

Thanks for the comments guys. I really appreciate them. Very Happy

The three of them took the short walk from the school back to Louise’s two-bedroom apartment. Peter explaining the entire story as he went. Louise listened intently, hearing the sound of his voice accented by the occasional light crunch of their footsteps on the icy pavement. Despite the fact that it was already the middle of the afternoon there were still white icy patches blotting the streets.

It was bitterly cold! Louise could see her steamy breath misting in front of her face. Feeling her nose growing numb more and more as the seconds passed. And the sting of the frosty weather and the biting wind as it nipped at the lobes of her ears.

Peter finished his story, his voice slowly descending into silence as the three of them approached Louise’s block.

Louise glanced over at Kiefer, who seemed lost in his own thoughts. She loved the face he pulled when he was lost. That soft facial expression when his blue/green eyes seemed to twinkle brightly like jewels.

“Well Peter you know I don’t approve of you using violence….” She said looking down at her son.

“I know mummy. I’m sorry.”


… in this case you were right to do what you did. You have to defend yourself otherwise people will bully and intimidate you.”

Peter was instantly hushed. Looking up at his mother in total surprise. Louise pulled a stern expression, her gaze unflinching. Peter shut his eyes briefly and nodded, before turning away and looking ahead, seeing the slowly darkening sky.

It was getting darker earlier now. The onset of night being earlier and earlier. Peter loved winter days. Leaving school as the sun was descending in the sky. He loved being able to walk out of the gates and looking up to see the first stars appearing in the sky. It made him feel warm. Like he was warm right on the inside. All over.
Today it was different. Maybe because he was sad. Maybe because he wasn’t sure if it was important anymore. So what if the days finished earlier? What did it matter? They were only days. And nights. And stars. It was no big deal.

He sighed to himself. Feeling deflated. There wasn’t much point to anything now. He was just going through the same old thing.

There across the road was the Jones’ house. With all the decorations brightly lit and sparkling for all the world to see. The dazzling lights flashing in all the colours he could think of.
But it was the same old house. He’d seen it in all its glory over a dozen times by now. Nothing new about it. Nothing special.

“Ma why do people put decorations up?”

“Well sweetheart they put them up so that Santa can se their house more clearly. You wouldn’t want him to miss your house would you?”

“Well he’s not real, so what does it matter?” Peter said flatly.

“Of course he’s real!” Louise shot back. Horrified.

“Just because some dumb kid in your class made up some story to upset you doesn’t mean its true!”
Peter shrugged. And there was an uncertain pause. The last of Louise’s words hung in the cold air.

“I tell you what?” She suddenly said brightly.

“How about we go home and snuggle up in front of a nice Christmas movie.”

“Maaa” Peter groaned.

“Oh come on Petie” Kiefer added.

“We’ll get some snacks out and have a ball what do ya say?”

Louise looked at Kiefer feeling absurdly grateful. It must have showed. Because when his eyes caught hers for the briefest of moments, he gave her a sly wink.

Peter was sorely tempted by his offer. His struggle was written clearly on his face. Somehow Louise found that he was rarely able to turn Kiefer down. She sympathised. She was rarely able to turn him down herself.

Somehow he just…
… had a way of convincing people. Not with too many words, or too few. Just with the right words and actions.

Always used at the right time.

Louise stopped in her tracks, watching Kiefer at Peter’s other side. The tow of them facing each other as Peter considered.

“Awww okay” Peter said.

Kiefer smiled happily. And Louise could not resist the urge to clap with excitement and happiness. They carried on. Louise daydreaming of how wonderful the rest of tehir afternoon would be. Kiefer would spend quality time with Peter. They both would. And things would be all right. They would work themselves out. Louise couldn’t bring herself to believe any different. The idea that Peter had become indifferent. It was not a thought that she was comfortable with.

But she hoped, as they walked up to the main door of the block itself. She hoped that with any luck, Peter might still be able to raise a smile.

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Thu Dec 27, 2007 2:46 pm

They reached the door, Louise tuning the key and feeling that gentle click as the lock was opened. She slipped the key out of its home and pushed the door inwards. The three of them stepping inside the long narrow hallway. She shivered with the sudden jump in temperature as a warm blanket of air smothered them. Her ears went from feeling numbed with cold to feeling like they were on fire.

“ God my ears are burning.” She mumbled to herself. Not really expecting an answer from anyone.

“You know what that means don’t you?” Kiefer uttered.

“Yeah yeah I know. It means someone is having a good old gossip at my expense. Left ear for love. Right ear for spite. Am I correct?”

“No…” he said plainly, catching her instant attention.

“…It just means that you’ve gone from being out doors in the cold to coming in an heating up. It can get a little rough on those ears y’know.”

“ And by the way stop being so negative.” He said cheekily.

She stuck her tongue out in a childish teasing gesture. Hearing him offer up a little chuckle as he stepped towards her and playfully cupped her ears with his hands. She opened her mouth to protest but was met with a deep and passionate kiss. His lips pressing firmly against hers as he held her to him. She felt that little tingle of excitement. The butterflies in the tummy feeling that she got every single time he kissed her. She felt her eyes slowly sinking closed as in the distance she heard Peter complaining.


She gasped for breath as Kiefer finally peeled his lips away from her. Turning towards Peter she shrieked:

“What d’you mean ‘eewww maa?’ He bloody kissed me!”

“Language” Peter warned sternly and immediately she held out her hand. Waiting patiently as Peter reached out and gave it a light smack.

“See? That is the only other time when I’d allow you to smack anyone.” She said smartly.

Peter took off his big heavy coat. Placing it carefully on the child sized coat stand that stood behind the door.

“Can I give you another smack for kissing in front of me? It was kinda nasty to watch.”

“No you can’t. And don’t be such a smarty-pants. The world hates a smarty pants.”

Peter was only half listening to her. She finished her sentence only to find that Kiefer had managed in wrapping his elbow around Peter’s head and was roughing up his hair. Causing Peter to fill the hall with the high pitched squeal of his laughter.

“Kiefer sweetie.”

“Yeah baby what’s up?” He said as he began tickling the young boys ribs and the laughter grew louder and higher in pitch.

“Would you please release the boy so he can go and get his school uniform off?”

Kiefer let him go. Standing to attention and raising his hand to his head in a mock salute.

“Sir yes sir!” He yelled. Filling the hall with the wonderfully deep and husky sound of his voice.

She couldn’t resist the urge to laugh. The laughter bubbling up and out of her like the bubbles in a shaken can of soda. When she finally brought herself to calm down, she faced the two of them.

“Fine if that’s how you want it then…..”

She stood straight and stiff. Her body rigid as she watched their faces.

“PETER!!!! Off with the uniform. KIEFER!!! You go and pick out a movie for us to watch. STEP TO IT BOYS. LOOK LIVELY!!!!”

They watched her with an avid curiosity. And though there was at least thirty years between them, Louise could see the same youthful light in Kiefer’s eyes as she saw in Peter’s.

“ON THREE. ONE. TWO. Wait for it…..” she teased, seeing Peter shuffling form his spot. Giggling under his breath as he waited eagerly for her.

“Quick MARCH!” She yelled. Peter was off like a shot. Racing down the hall to his bedroom and flying through the door and out of sight. Kiefer stripped off his coat casually. Taking his leisurely time and sauntering into the living room once he was done. No not just sauntering. The man was strutting. Making Louise roar with laughter at his lob sided walk. She was laughing till her sides ached with it. Tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks as she took off her coat and bag and placed them on the rail.

She walked into the living room and paused. Seeing Kiefer already sitting comfortably in a prime position in front of the t.v.

They say that every mans’ home is his castle. Well in Louise’s case it was less of a castle and more of an ornate palace. There was nothing she liked more then to see it in all it’s glory looking clean and pristine. She felt that (second only to her loved ones) her home was the biggest thing in her life.

The brightest jewel in the crown that was her apartment was her main living room. It was the first thing she showed off to guests that walked across her threshold. The main reason? The fact that her sitting room also contained a built in kitchen at the back end. She waited for a few moments. Taking the time to stop and appreciate the room.

There were windows facing her. Windows set with heavy purple coloured curtains. And to her right the walls reached waist height as the small opening to the kitchen hid in the far corner. The kitchen itself was tiny and barely visible form Louise’s vantage point at the door to the hall. The rest of the living room seemed to stretch out for miles. Leaving plenty of room for the small pine coloured dining table and three matching chairs. They sat by a window about halfway down the room. To the left as she looked at it was the sparsely furnished ‘living’ section of the room. A big black leather sofa and a petite coffee table faced the furthest corner. A corner that was filled with a large plasma television screen, sitting proudly on a cabinet that boasted both a silver video / dvd player and a chrome cable television box. On the wall was a set of pine coloured shelves that boasted an array of dvds and books.

The only thing it was missing was that Christmas spirit. Decorations, the tree, presents. There was nothing to suggest that it was December, much less a fortnight away from Christmas. But Louise smiled to herself as she remebered why it was like that. The decorating was being saved especially for Kiefer's birthday. Late in the month she knew. But it also meant that he could enjoy the surprise she had in store. And he would enjoy it so much more if he saved decorating for his birthday.

She walked over and sat down next to Kiefer. Feeling his arm curl over hers as she rested against him and leaned in close.

“Thanks for offering to spend some time with him Kiefer. It means the world to him…
…and to me.”

She threw him a warm and genuine smile of gratitude as he kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Hey…” he said soothingly.

“…there’s nothin I’d rather be doing.”

Their eyes met and they smiled lovingly at each other. Saving a few precious seconds just to gaze contentedly into each other’s eyes.

“Think it’ll cheer him up?”

“I’m sure it will.”

Kiefer sounded full of confidence. But something in Louise’s heart told her that even he wasn’t so sure. There was just something in the way Peter had acted since seeing them in school. Something that was almost old. Too old for his age. Louise hated it. One of Peter’s best features was his youthful innocence. If that was lost because some punk kid couldn’t handle being second best in class? Then Louise would see to it that the young brat who’d caused it would answer to her.

Moments later Peter bounded in to the room, dressed in dark pyjamas and a navy coloured robe.

“You ready for bed already?” Louise chuckled.

“Awwww ma! They’re so warm and cosy. Can I wear them? Please?”

“Sure” she chuckled the sounds fading into the heated atmosphere.

Peter sat down on the sofa next to her, leaving Louise sat comfortably between her two favourite guys. Kiefer handed her the remote control, and she pressed the play button. The tv screen flickering in to life as they settled in to watch the movie.

Kiefer had made an interesting choice. A movie about a little boy who had lost his faith in Santa and who had needed to be convinced by seeing him.

It was a very heart-warming story. One that Louise held dear. It had come out not long before Peter was born. And since then she’d had a deep and strong connection with it. She and Peter had seen it dozens of times. And each time the one thing she’d loved was seeing that light in his eyes when he watched it. That belief in Santa and in the true Spirit of Christmas.

It wasn’t there that day. And in spite of the fact that they watched the film together, by the time they’d finished and had dinner Louise was thoroughly depressed.

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Sat Dec 29, 2007 12:51 pm

Peter had been put to bed early. And the couple had stayed up for an hour or so afterwards watching television and talking about the events of the day. By the time she went to bed, Louise felt more tired than she’d ever felt before.

Louise sat on the edge of the bed, her shoulders slumped in defeat as she thought yet again of how things were gonna be different.

“Hey” she heard behind her.

She couldn’t answer. There was suddenly someone behind her. The warmth of his body radiating through the cold night air as a hand fell on her shoulder. It squeezed her flesh there lightly, soothingly. Her body flopped wearily with it as she relaxed her head back against the strong manly body behind hers.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just keep thinking about Peter” she sighed exhausted.

“He’s not my little boy anymore Kiefer. He’s growing up. And its happening so fast. Too fast. Why can’t he just have a couple more years. Just a couple. Where he can keep being my little boy.”

She heard a sympathetic groan in her ear.

“Baby its just one of those things. You can’t beat yourself up about it. You can’t force him to believe in something.”

“I know. I just feel that as he’s getting older I’m losing him. He’s leaving my side.”

“He’ll never leave your side. He’s got to go his own way with things. But he’ll always be your little boy.”

Louise lifted her head, smiling gratefully as she brought her head round to face Kiefer’s. They looked at each other, their eyes connecting as Louise felt her heart melt with love for him.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve you…” she breathed contentedly, “…but I want to keep doing it.”

“That’s easy” he replied.

She looked at him curiously.

“Just keep being who you are. I love you for who you are.”

Her smile returned broader and happier than ever. She placed a hand on his cheek, feeling the rough stubble under her palm as she rested her forehead against his. The tips of their noses touched as she said jokingly.

“You keep putting up with me and I’ll keep being who I am.”

He chuckled lightly in response. The chuckle dying away as they both closed their eyes and she inhaled deeply. Taking in the scent of his after shave. She took a deep inhale in, savouring the smell. It was heavenly. Just the same way his skin felt to her every time she touched it. And the same way his kiss felt every time she tasted it.

It was heaven. Enough to light every one of her senses and to send her mind reeling from the drab day to day into the realm of delicious fantasy. He reached forward to kiss her. Finding her more than welcoming as her lips parted like pages in a book. Falling open the second his lips pressed against them. She felt a fire kindling inside of her.

The hours passed as they made love. Moving together. Their bodies working in a singular rhythm. Their hearts beating in time as they soared to the heavens and back. Again and again.

They wound up lying side by side. She shuffled in close to him. Feeling her skin tingling as their hearts returned to a normal pace. He placed a tender hand on her cheek. The two of them watching each other intently as the seconds passed.

She breathed a deep and heavy sigh. Gazing in to his eyes and feeling her mind drifting through the heavens. She saw those deep set gems staring back at her, full of tender emotion. He brushed her hair back lightly. Using the tips of his fingers to trace soft lines through it as she studied every intricate detail of his handsome face.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am.” She said, in mild disbelief.

“Almost as lucky as I am.” He answered softly.

She smiled at him dreamily. His face was bathed in the golden glow from the bedroom lamp. The light casting his skin in an other worldly shade.

“Am I dreaming?”

“Nope. Wide awake.”

“I just…

… I wish I could find the right words.”

“What for?”

“To tell you how much I love you. To tell you how I’m feeling right now. How I…”

He moved forward and cut her off. Kissing her passionately. She leaned into the kiss. Exhaling harshly through her nose and feeling her eyes welling up with tears. He pulled away from her lips. Curling an arm around her waist and drawing their bodies as close together as possible.

“I love you.” He uttered.

“I love you too.” She replied as she felt a tear sliding down her cheek. Her heart was overflowing with love for him. A love that he genuinely seemed to share. The need for sleep was suddenly creeping up on her. Slowly taking over as her eyes began to flutter closed.

She felt Kiefer leaving her side. Shivering with the cool air on her skin as he moved down the bed. He brought the covers back with him moments later. The smooth sheets causing her to shudder as she snuggled into the thick warmth of his chest. His arm curled around her once more as they nestled against each other. And Louise found she couldn’t keep the sandman away for much longer. It wasn’t long before they both fell asleep.

Authors note: Every now and again I enjoy writing heated scenes. Those of you who have read anything of mine before will know that I can go into a fair bit of detail when writing them! LOL Twisted Evil Laughing . I would like to ask those in charge of the fan fiction section and the forum how far I can go. Could you please PM me or drop me a line so we can discuss it? Very Happy Very Happy

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Sun Dec 30, 2007 11:08 am

In her dream she was running. As fast as her legs could carry her. She wanted to use her arms for extra speed. But she couldn’t. They were full. A small bundle was cradled in them. The bundle was screaming. That high pitched relentless cry of a new born baby in distress. She took a quick glance down, seeing Peter’s frightened babyish face staring back as he continued to scream in fear.

It was a fear that she felt deep in her heart. Fear of the thing that chased them. Louise was running through the empty city streets. But she knew that she could never be fast enough. She would never out run it. And in the end it would catch her. Catch her and cause her pain like she could never imagine.

She could feel it. Bearing down on her back. The black shape of it towering over her. Growing, the shadow spreading. Increasing. Consuming her and her new born son.

“Please!” she cried.

“Please go away!”

But she knew it wouldn’t. It was after her. It. Whatever it was. It was the big frightening predator. And it wouldn’t stop. Not until it caught her. The terrified prey.

Rather than cry out anymore she decided to place all of her energy into running. It was gaining. And begging it to stop was pointless. No matter how much she pleaded it was still going to pursue her. And catch up to her.
Her muscles pumped for extra speed. Her lungs struggled for air. Her tired legs throbbed in white-hot agony. A lump formed in the back of her throat. Causing her to cry tears that burned her eyes. Her head ached. And only instinct kept her moving. The fear.

Her body cried for her to stop and rest. Her heart screamed at her to keep going.

‘Please God.’ She thought as Peter’s screams doubled in volume. Adding to her already pounding headache. Her heart was racing. Her mind reeling in terror as the thing behind her began to close in.

‘Please God help me!’

The thing behind her suddenly stopped chasing. It’s shadow falling away.
Leaving her feeling totally confused.

She stopped running. Her legs groaning in pain and feeling like jelly underneath her. She stood there panting for breath and trying to make sense of all the questions that were streaming through her troubled mind. What on Earth was it that had been chasing her? Why did it stop when it was just about to catch her? Come to think of it why was it chasing her in the first place? What did it want with her? Did it want her? Or Peter? And why was he with her?

She did her best to slow her thoughts down. Taking the questions in her mind one by one. And moving on to the next question as soon as she could. She found herself unable to answer most of them. But at least her mind wasn’t racing at a hundred miles an hour. Her breathing was returning to normal too. Her breaths evening out gradually as she began to ease. Peter’s cries faded to softened whimpers. And Louise slowly worked up the courage to turn and face the way she came. Looking around at the empty street behind her. She scanned the scene carefully.

Nothing. It was deserted. Just a plain and empty street. She frowned confused. Was she losing her mind? Maybe. But at least she wasn’t being chased anymore. Which was a good thing, since she’d never felt so tired in her life.

She wasn’t just tired. She was exhausted. Her body calling out for rest as she slowly began to feel the last of her tension slipping away.

“Thank God” she whispered. And had a split second to register the comment before something breezed past her. A huge black shape that scraped past her body. And tore Peter viciously from her arms. She screamed in terror.

A scream that rang out through the empty streets and resonated in her ears. She watched helpless, screaming as the black shape carried her son off into the blackness of the night.

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Mon Dec 31, 2007 8:10 pm

It was the scream that woke her up. She woke with a start. Shrieking loudly as she sat bolt upright in bed. She felt the light beads of sweat rolling down her face as she gasped and panted for air. It took her a few moments to realise that she wasn’t in her dream. Instead she was in her room. The bed covers were cradled in her arms. Her whole body quaked with the aftermath of her dream. It had been awful.

Her mind scrambled to find thoughts that might soothe her. Anything that might make her feel a little better as she felt the bitter aftertaste of the nightmare. Like the lingering effects of wine, clogging up her brain. She looked down at her side. Seeing Kiefer sleeping peacefully next to her. His bare chest exposed to the cold night air. She’d taken most of the covers in her sleep. And was still clinging to them for dear life. His brow furrowed slightly. He frowned with discomfort as his arm reached out in front of him and found an empty space where Louise should have been. His eyes flashed open almost instantly. Surveying the area before finally spotting her sitting up in bed.

“Hey babe.” He said groggily.

“Hey sweetheart.”

“Can’t sleep?”


“What’s wrong?” He asked. She didn’t answer. She seemed to be in a world of her own.

“Bad dream?”


He began to move his weary body. Shifting to sit up next to her. As he brought an arm over her shoulder he felt her shaking. Her pale and frightened face stained with the tracks from her tears. Her eyes looked haunted.

“My God!” He uttered.

“You look as though you’ve seen a ghost.”

She leaned into him. Relishing the warmth of his body against her.

“I dreamt of Peter…” she said at length. Her voice has beaten down with sadness.

“… I dreamt that someone took him from me.”

She tried her hardest not to cry. Instead she took solace in Kiefer’s arms. Holding him tightly as he hugged her. He tried his best to console her. Letting his hand drift down the back of her head in a soft and soothing motion. He had never seen her so badly shaken up. She was shaking feverishly in his arms. And her skin felt clammy to the touch. Her short sobs were loud and hoarse. It was as though the thing that had scared her senseless had also taken the time to scrape out her vocal chords. He whispered lovingly in her ear.

“Hey. Easy now babe. It’s okay.”

“He… …was… …taken…

…RIGHT OUT OF MY ARMS!!!” She cried.

“And I couldn’t do a thing! I was so scared!”

“It’s all right. It was only a dream. Just a dream that’s all.”

He felt her head shifting as she nodded against his shoulder, which was now damp from her tears. She inched back, wiping them off of his skin before rubbing at her eyes and drying them.

“I know. I know it was only a dream. It just felt real.”

It had felt too real in fact. Louise could still feel her heart pounding away in her chest as it gradually slowed down.

Just the image. Her son being ripped from her arms. It haunted her. Lurking like a dreadful vision in her mind’s eye. Even as Kiefer spoke to her she could still hear the sounds of Peter’s screams dying in her ears.

“I know it probably felt very real to you. But it was only a dream honey. Peter is safe and tucked up in bed as we speak.”

Louise nodded again. But somehow she couldn’t bring herself to believe it. The words weren’t enough for her.
In a flash she was throwing the covers back and getting out of bed, Stooping down to snatch her rumpled night dress from the floor. She slipped it on. Marching out of the room in spite of Kiefer’s reassurances that Peter was fine. A part of her knew deep down that Kiefer was right. And she loved him all the more for his efforts to convince her that she was worrying for nothing.

However, she couldn’t ignore that little niggling feeling of doubt. That tiny voice in the back of her head that was screaming foul. She needed to see for herself. To see Peter in his bed and sleeping soundly. She moved quickly through the hall, bringing herself to a sudden stop outside Peter’s door. There was no mistaking it. It was covered with various stickers. The kind where the corners had already begun to peel away from the painted wood. There were several door signs. The bold letters reading

‘Peter’s Room’

There were even some displays of Peter’s ‘personal’ handiwork. Pictures with the heavy scrawl of a young child. All in a wide variety of colours.

‘Yep, definitely Peter’s room’ she thought as she smiled to herself.

‘Blinding from a hundred yards away’

She eased the door till it was standing ajar. Hearing the hinges groan and seeing the instant reaction from the young boy who lay sleeping in the bed. Peter frowned as if the small noise had disturbed him. He shuffled around in the bed and Louise winced as she thought that she might just have woken him up. She waited for his eyes to open. But they held closed. He snuggled in to his pillow, bringing the covers right up to his neck and settling once more. A dreamy smile slowly spreading on his face.

She breathed a deep sigh of relief, unable to move in spite of the fact that she had seen that he was okay. Watching on as he slept, her mind drifted back to the day he was born. He’d been so tiny. So delicate. And she’d held his tiny hand. And cuddled him. Crying as she’d held his little body close to hers. She stood for a little while. Losing herself in a series of thoughts and recollections.

Eventually she pulled herself away. Walking back to her own room and pausing as she reached the doorway. Her breath catching in her throat as she saw Kiefer sitting up in bed. He sat casually with his back resting against the wall as the head of the bed. Wearing his black silk pyjamas. The shirt laid open and exposing the golden chest underneath. His knees were raised. His arms perched lightly on them as he smiled invitingly.

“Come on back to bed.” He urged gently.

Louise didn’t need to be told twice. She clambered on to the bed and sat down between his legs. Hoisting the covers around them as he lowered his legs and coiled his arms around her waist. She let her head fall back against him. Closing her eyes and savouring his embrace. He kissed her the base of her neck tenderly.

“What kept you?” he said warmly

“I got carried away daydreaming.”


“Yeah… Well no… well more remembering. I was thinking about the day when he was born.”

“It’s a great feeling isn’t it? When you see them for that first time. Its hard to picture them being that small”

“What was it like for you? When you saw Sarah?”

“Magic!” he said. Almost as if he was sighing.

“It hit me all at once. There she was. My little girl. And I was going to be the guy she looked up to. It was a lot to take in.”

“Tell me about it. No one is ever truly prepared for it.”


There was a silence. And Louise relished it. Just the light sound of their breathing filling the air. That and nothing else. It was perfect. Without any warning Kiefer broke it.

“I was thinkin. I know you wanted to wait until my birthday to decorate. But what’s say we do it early? We could get the stuff out and start it tomorrow while Pete is at school. And he could help with the tree when he gets in.”

Her eyes flashed open. The question catching her off of her guard. She thought briefly about whether or not it would be a good idea to bring the decorating forward.

“I really wanted to save it Kiefer.” Louise protested

“It’s a great idea. But I really wanted it to be part of your birthday this year. I know how hard things were for you this time last year. And I really wanted to make it special for you.”

He moved round to face her. The two of them sitting face to face as he took one of her hands and held it tightly.

“Last year was a bitch for both of us. I know that. But this year is special. It’s special because we are spending it together. You me and Peter; as a family. Its what I want more than anything. And if I have that then it doesn’t matter when we hang the Christmas stuff up.”

Louise considered. Weighing up the options. There was a very specific reason that she had wanted to wait. But given everything that Peter was going through. And the very real need for some festive fun in the house.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want to wait?”


She reached forwards and kissed him. Closing her eyes and feeling those little butterflies in her stomach fluttering again. Her heart so full of love that it was threatening to leap up out of her throat. Their kiss was brief and tender. Louise breaking it and opening her eyes slowly. Seeing the bluish green jewels looking back at her.

“Okay.” She saw his face light up. And her lungs swallowed a deep inhale of cold air.

“Thank you Kiefer”

“For what?”

“For being you. It’s why I love you. Well one of many reasons.”

He grinned sheepishly as she rested against him.

“No problem” He said. The two of them lying down on the bed slowly. Holding each other as they eased back off to sleep.

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Thu Jan 03, 2008 3:05 pm

Hey guys. Sorry but there isn't much so far today. Going to be concentrating on getting more up tonight. Hope you like it Very Happy

The following day began as usual. Louise was slowly roused from her sleep by the husky sound of Kiefer’s voice.

“Morning beautiful. Time to get up.”

She groaned feebly. Rolling over in bed and spreading herself across the sheets. There was a sudden burst of bright light, which caused her to wince. She groaned louder this time as the world gradually came into focus. There was the bright bedroom light. And the melodic sounds of a guitar strumming away in the background.

“Come on honey. I’ve got a few things to do this mornin. And you’ve got to take Petie in to school.”

Maybe it was the thought of Peter being late for school, or that fact that she couldn’t resist the sultry sound of his voice, but something spurred her into action.

She sat up carefully, the sights and sounds coming in to full focus as she blinked away the last of her tiredness. Kiefer was standing by the window. Dressed in dark denims and a long sleeved grey top. And looking like he’d already started his day several hours before. There was an unmistakable gleam in his eyes.

One that she had loved from the moment she had first seen it. He was excited about the day. She could see it clearly. And she knew deep down that once she was fully awake, she would be just as excited.

“Is that the radio?”

“Yep. I don’t know who sings this one, but it sounds good.”

“Yeah” She uttered wearily as she stretched her limbs like a cat. Reaching up and outwards with her arms and yawning.


Already the tune was dancing around in her head. The melody going over and over in her mind so that by the time she was ready to climb out of bed she was humming along to it.

The sound of her humming was suddenly overshadowed by the sound of Peter thundering down the hall towards the living room.

“God” she uttered grumpily as she slowly rolled out of bed.

“He’s like a rhino on speed”

Kiefer snickered, sitting down on the edge of the bed and watching her as she straightened herself and stretched out once more.

“I’ve suddenly got a mental image going” he chuckled.

Louise faced him. Contorting her face and scrunching it up as she snorted loudly. Huffing out a couple of puffs of loud air out through her nose. Kiefer’s chuckles increased. Reaching a point where he was roaring with laughter as she lowered her head and pretended to charge him. She surged forwards. Knocking him backwards and off of his centre of balance. He collapsed back on to the bed, laughing even harder as she clambered on top of him. Straddling him, throwing him a proud and primitive look before raising her head and calling:

“AH Cave girl Louise says I have my meat!”

She began to beat her chest with her fists. Doing her best to imitate the female version of Tarzan as she yelled “Ah a ah a ah!” towards the ceiling.

Kiefer grasped her wrists, trying his best to stifle the laughter as she bounced lightly up and down on his body and chanted in a voice that was almost too deep to be her own.

“Man meat! Man meat! Man meat!”


It was Peter’s voice drifting in through the doorway. Louise rolled her eyes, climbing off of Kiefer as he sat up.

“Peter!” she exclaimed in shock and surprise

“How many times have I told you to knock before you enter a room?!”

“But….” Peter began

“Actually…. We left the door open”

Louise looked from Peter’s face to Kiefer’s as the memory suddenly hit home. Her face going a light shade of pink as she felt the shame.

“Sorry Peter honey.” She uttered. Coughing nervously as she stood up and walked over to him.

“But now that you’re here…..

...My meat feast is complete!”

Before Peter could react she was hoisting him up in the air. Carrying him over to the bed as he squealed joyfully.

“Cave girl Louise has main man meat. And appetiser!”

Kiefer laughed again. Joining the fray as Louise placed Peter down on the bed and began to mercilessly tickle his ribs. They tickled him until he was practically screaming for them to stop. And there were tears streaming down his face.

“Do you give up?” Louise asked cheekily.

“Yes! Yes!” he screamed. Louise and Kiefer glanced at each other, before slowly easing off and letting him go.

“Okay then. Cave girl Louise has had enough. Could cave man Kiefer take young tickle boy to the kitchen?”

“Sure thing Cave girl!" he laughed

"All right tickle boy!!!! Ready to go and get some grub?!”

Peter nodded enthusiastically and the two of them left the room together, leaving Louise alone to get dressed and ready for her day.

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by wastelandinwords on Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:24 pm

You know I got the exclusives in my email with this one. I love every bit of it! (L)

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Mon Jan 07, 2008 1:27 pm

Thanks so much honey! Very Happy And thanks guys for bearing wiht me while I work on my stories. Very Happy Here is the next update for this one. Hope you like it Very Happy

By the time she was ready to take Peter to school Louise was so full of energy that she was bordering on being hyperactive. She waited at the door for Peter to put on his coat, wondering if maybe two cups of coffee first thing in the morning had been such a good idea. She shrugged off the thought. After spending half the night having her sleep broken she’d needed the wake up. And the coffee had worked wonders!

She huffed impatiently; bouncing lightly on the spot as Peter fumbled with the buttons on his jacket.

“Oh let me help you.” She huffed.

Peter begrudgingly accepted the offer. His winter jacket was so hard to button up.

“Mum I can do this on my own” he protested.

“Yes I know sweetie but we’re going to be late for school and I want to make sure that we’re on time today.”

Though she knew that there was more than enough time she had wanted to be sure. She was eager for the day to go right. And she was adamant that Peter would be in school as normal.

‘I don’t need to give them more of a reason to ‘frown’ on me’ she thought to herself. Peter nodded solemnly. His eyes reflecting his sorrow.

“Okay mum” he said quietly. And she couldn’t help feel the slight tinge of shame that crept up on her. Peter had done nothing wrong in her eyes. And yet she was talking to him as if he was a troublemaker. Rushing him around so that they could make a good impression on his teachers.

She stopped on the third button.

“Why don’t you finish the last two or three buttons Peter. We’ve got plenty of time.”

Smiling broadly, Peter did as he was told. He finished the job much quicker than she had expected. Bouncing himself as he celebrated his achievement.

“Look! See?! I told you I could do it myself!” He exclaimed

“I never doubted you for a second” she replied, helping him put on his gloves before they opening the door.

Kiefer walked up to them. Crouching down and giving Peter’s hat a light ruffle and looking at him with warmth and consideration.

“You be good today okay buddy?”

“I will.”

“Good. I’m glad to hear it”

“Will I get a treat later if I’m good?”

Kiefer chuckled.

“We’ll see.” He laughed. Standing up to face Louise.

“Isn’t that right mama?”

Louise felt the heat rising in her cheeks. It was something about the way he said it. The word ‘mama’. Made her feel giggly. Like she had a girlish secret that she was dying to share. She did her best to play it cool, though she was certain that she was blushing.

“That’s right.” She answered. Inching closer to him as he offered up a soft kiss.

“See you in a few” he muttered under his breath.

“Be back as soon as I’ve dropped him off”

Louise couldn’t help but grin. The prospects for her day making her feel like she was walking on air. She and Peter raced other down the street as they made their way to Peter’s school. Laughing and joking with each other as they went. They could hear the sounds of their voices ringing through the crisp morning air. Their sounds mingling with those of other parents and children as the school started to fill up for the morning.

Louise ‘allowed’ Peter to race into the lead. Catching up with him as they reached the large and menacing main gates.

The school building was relatively small. But was surrounded on all sides by a towering dark green fence. It looked more like a fortress from the outside. And try as she might, she couldn’t recall seeing any other school quite like it.

‘That’s one of the reasons I chose this place’ she thought, remembering the very first time she’d toured the building.

‘It looks strong. Secure.’

She and Peter walked through the gates. Heading quickly through the massive school playground towards Peter’s classroom.

Any and all positive feelings that she might have had vanished instantly when she heard the shouting coming form the classroom door. One of the other parents was raising their voice for the entire world to hear. And it wasn’t long before Louise recognized which parent it belonged to.

“I want to know who’s responsible for doing this to my boy! How did you not see this happening?! Don’t you actually spend any time in class with your children? This should have been prevented!!!!”

It as Debbie Woodall. Gavin’s mother. Referred to by some as the wicked witch of the west. She was a woman who enjoyed the attention. And was known for her ‘standing’ within the school. Having two older children already there she had been around for a while. And had grown to know most of the teachers on a first name basis.

Louise was the kind of parent who liked to keep her head down. She had made a couple of friends, but never went out of her way to be social. It was for this reason that Debbie had taken an instant dislike to her. Add to that the fact that Louise was a single mother and Debbie barely gave her the time of day.

One of the other many things that Debbie was known for was her opinion. She gave it freely and bluntly. Never stopping to think about the consequences. For Debbie. When she believed in something. No one was going to change her mind. And one things that ‘displeased’ her most was a mother who could not explain where her child’s father was.

For Louise the feelings of bitterness and dislike went both ways.

Debbie was shallow and all about appearances. One year when the school had held a raffle, Debbie had brought in a ridiculously expensive computer game to donate as a prize. While Louise had just put that down to her having more money than sense the word around the school was different. People had said that the only reason she had donated it in the first place was because her ‘precious’ young son had already been bought one and she’d gotten it for him by mistake.

Gavin had everything. All the earthly possessions that a child could want. He had the latest computers with games that Louise wouldn’t have let Peter touch. He had the latest sports gear, complete with footwear that most adults would be envious of. He was pampered and smothered . And Louise hated the fact that he had no restraint what so ever. For a child of nearly 6 years old, sometimes Gavin acted like a spoiled little baby.

“There he is mummy! He did it!”

Gavin was pointing straight at them. And Debbie’s cold gaze fixed on her.

“I should have known it was your little brat” she spat as she stormed towards her. Dragging Gavin behind her by the hand.

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by MS K S on Wed Jan 09, 2008 9:32 pm

Bless their hearts! That nightmare! I could totally understand the urge for Louise to get up from bed and check on Peter! Is it a maternal instinct or something? I do the same thing!! Kiefer staying up waiting for her while she checked on her son....I'M DYING HERE!!! My hubby would have just rolled over and fell back asleep!! LOL!!

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Wed Jan 16, 2008 2:41 pm

Debbie marched up to her, fuming. And though she tried hard not to, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Sighing inwardly as Debbie went on the attack.

“Do you think this is acceptable behaviour for a five year old?!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Of COURSE you know you lying cow! LOOK at what your little HOODLUM did to my son!”

Debbie seized Gavin’s chin and viciously turned his head. Exposing the ugly purple ring around his left eye for Louise and Peter to see clearly. Peter flinched at his mother’s side. Half expecting Mrs Woodall to tear him away from his mum at any moment. He swallowed nervously, seeing Gavin’s own eyes full of fear for what was to come. Louise placed her hand to her side, opening her palm and gently easing Peter behind her.

“Your son did this”


“And he shouldn’t even be allowed in school! That nasty little viper should be suspended if not expelled!”

Louise could see that her lack of reaction was making the desired impact. Debbie’s face was a ruby red. Her brown eyes blazing with fury as Louise continued to remain calm. Keeping her game face on as Debbie finally released Gavin’s chin from her vice like grip.

“He can’t be allowed to go around ‘lashing out’ at random and beating on other children.”

“Actually he was defending himself.” Louise said coolly. She was beginning to get irate herself now. She could feel the blood in her veins heating up. Her heart beat doubling in speed as the adrenaline was being rushed through her veins.

She was energised with it. And felt a moment’s victory when she saw a brief flash of uncertainty on Debbie’s face. It was a flash so brief that Louise almost doubted if she had seen it in the first place. It disappeared all too quickly. Replaced by a look of pure arrogance.

“That is a lie”

“No it’s not”

“My son would have told me about something like that…”

“And MY son would NEVER hit someone without being provoked!”

Debbie halted again. And this time Louise wasn’t sure why. She could see that Debbie wanted to fight back. But as Debbie glanced down at Gavin, Louise couldn’t help but wondering whether or not Debbie had her doubts.

“That’s bull and you know it” Debbie exclaimed ignorantly. Raising her head back up in defiance.

“I’m not going to continue this Debbie. Think what you like. I couldn’t care.”

Louise was lying through her teeth. She cared; she cared a great deal. The anger was rising in the back of her throat like bile. As it was she was barely able to force it down. She closed her fists into tight little balls. Thinking of the immense satisfaction she would get from lashing out and giving Debbie a purple souvenir to match Gavin’s.

The only thing preventing Louise from causing a scene was the fact that they were in the middle of a very public place. One that Louise would continue to return to over the next few years while her son attended school there. She was not about to have the image of her in a fist fight wreck things. For her or for Peter.

There was a pause between the two women. A moment in time where anything could have happened. The tension between them was palpable. Thick like fog. But as Louise continued to remind herself of the embarrassment that she would feel coming back to school everyday she gradually made her mind up. Choosing to walk away. As she moved around Debbie and Gavin she looked down at Peter and smiled.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” She heard Debbie screeching.

“To take my son to class.”

Louise would have left it at that but as she felt Debbie’s presence behind her she slowed, turning and waiting for the rest of what Debbie had to say.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me!” Debbie barked.

“I’m not wasting my breath with you Debbie….” Louise answered

“…You’re not worth it”

The next few minutes were a blur as Debbie charged at her and Louise was forced to fight back herself. Louise heard a high pitched scream. Possibly from one of the boys as Debbie lunged forwards. Her arms out going straight for Louise’s face and tearing her nails down almost as soon as she reached her.

Louise stumbled backwards feeling the air parting in front of her face as Debbie brought her nails down hard, just managing to miss her by an inch or two. Bringing her own hands up quickly Louise swung, hitting out and catching Debbie’s head with her closed fist. It connected and Debbie cried out in pain.

Louise had about a second to feel the pleasure that the sound bought before Debbie retaliated. Grabbing a hand full of her hair and thrusting her head down sharply. Louise grunted in pain as her neck was forced down violently and one of Debbie’s knees connected with it. Louise felt pain like nothing she’d ever known. Her head ringing with it as she brought her head back up as much as possible and fought back. Punching and swinging. Catching Debbie full on in the gut and winding her.

Debbie released her vice like grip. Whooping and gasping for breath as Louise lunged forwards. She punched as hard as she could. The force of the blow knocking Debbie sprawling. The two women paused to catch their breaths. Glaring at each other in wild eyed anger as they stopped.

Louise fought back the tears of anger and pain that were threatening to fall. Tasting the salty metallic taste of blood as it flowed on to her tongue. Her lip felt like someone had set it on fire. And her head was pounding from the force of the blow it had taken. She tried to close her lips together. Wincing in pain as her very swollen lower lip touched the top one. She noticed a huge gash on Debbie’s left eye, which appeared to be sealed shut.

‘Good’ she thought proud of herself in spite of the fact that she hadn’t really wanted a confrontation.

‘I hope you get a f**king black eye!’

“That is ENOUGH!”

She heard the yell coming from across the playground. The irate voice of Mrs Dobson reverberating around through the enclosed area. Louise looked around to see Mrs Dobson herself. Furious and storming towards them with blistering speed.

“I have never seen such disgusting behaviour in all my years teaching! You should be ashamed!”

It was only then that Louise noticed the shocked faces of about half a dozen parents. Some of them were even shielding their children’s eyes.

‘Tad over dramatic there’ she thought.

Never the less as she scanned the area and saw both Peter and Gavin looking terrified, she couldn’t help from feeling the very real emotion of shame. Her head began to pound even more. The heat in her cheeks rising as she lowered her eyes to the floor. Debbie however was not so modest.

“Are you going to let her get away with that?!” she screeched. Louise was amazed, to say the least. And incensed beyond belief.

“You bloody started it!” she snapped. The words like an instant knee jerk reaction.

“I don’t care who started it! You were both fighting!” Mrs Dobson bellowed.

“You’ve both acted like spoiled little children! Our nursery children know better than to behave like that!”

Before either one of the other women could argue Mrs Dobson shouted again

“I want to see you both in my office in FIVE minutes!”

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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by kieferfan13 on Wed Jan 16, 2008 10:15 pm

WOW Shocked Shocked Shocked

A Colourful Christmas Story Style7,Kiefer

A Colourful Christmas Story KIEFER-2
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A Colourful Christmas Story Empty Re: A Colourful Christmas Story

Post by jacksbint on Tue Feb 05, 2008 11:38 pm

Hey guys. Sorry I've been a bit busy recently. Anyway I got a chance to write some more of my stuff. Hope you like it Smile

Louise sat in Mrs Dobson’s office feeling an overwhelming sense of de ja vu. It was as if her own school days were well and truly back to haunt her. And now she could only sit and swallow back the shame and nausea as she waited for Mrs Dobson to come and decide her fate.

She’d already had to face the embarrassment of taking her frightened son to his class where a shell-shocked Ms Kelly had cautiously taken him off of her hands. Handling him so delicately that it looked like she was handling a priceless family heirloom as opposed to a normal five year old boy. She’d then had to make her way through the school halls towards the main office. Ignoring the wide-eyed stares that followed her as she went.

By the time she had been shown in, the last of the adrenaline rush had completely disappeared. Leaving her feeling exhausted. She’d glanced at the sofa in the back of the room. Briefly pondering the notion of sitting there. The thought was quickly dismissed. Louise assured herself that if she so much as sat down in it she’d be asleep before Mrs Dobson arrived.

So now she was sitting by the desk. In the same, flimsy plastic chair that she’d occupied the day before. With Debbie sitting in the chair next to hers. The two of them waiting patiently for the headmistress.

Louise’s head was light. As if someone has removed her brain and filled her head with air. She could still feel the slight ringing in her ears from the pummelling that she’d taken out in the playground. She kept trying to focus her eyes on one particular spot at a time. Because each time they moved, it took ages for the shifting images to settle. The agony in her lower lip had receded to a dull throb. But the swelling had got worse.

‘If we made the top lip like this I might be able to use my lips to stick to stuff’

She had to stave off the impulse to laugh out loud as the vision of her lips being used as a giant suction pad filled her mind. She looked around the room. Ignoring the building queasiness and the nagging ache in her temples. Her eyes caught the C.A.R.E poster on the wall. Care and respect for everyone.

‘Why do I get the feeling that Peter and I won’t figure in to that?’

Any thoughts of laughter vanished completely as she thought of the severity of her situation. She couldn’t help but feel that the odds were stacked against her. It had been less than a day since she’d ripped Mrs Dobson’s head off for her threat to suspend Peter. Now with the way things had gone it was likely that he’d be expelled. After all, no one wanted a ‘student bully’ with a ‘trouble maker’ for a mother. She closed her eyes, sucking in a deep breath of air as her stomach lurched.

‘Please don’t let him suffer because of me’

She hoped and prayed that she hadn’t just wrecked things for her son’s future. Being expelled from school was like being given a permanent scar when it came to the chances of going somewhere decent in later years. It was something hideous. And people (more often than not) saw you in a different light because of it. Louise cast her mind to some of the teenagers that lurked on the streets after dark. Especially in her area.

Those were not very nice kids. And they certainly weren’t known for being ‘exceptional’ pupils. Many of them had histories. Histories that included expulsions. And arrests. She shuddered at the very prospect.

‘Please please. God if you can hear me, please. Don’t let him suffer for my mistake. For my stupidity.’

Just at that moment the door opened. And Mrs Dobson entered the room.
She walked proudly up to her seat and sat down. Keeping her pose straight and stiff, as though she were about to teach a class.

“Under other circumstances I would usually apologise for being late but since it was your little stunt that forced me to hand over the school assembly, I think I had every right to keep you waiting for a little while, while I made alternate arrangements.”

Neither one answered that. Louise couldn’t bring herself to. As it was she could barely bring herself to risk glancing at Debbie without thinking of how much anger it brought up. It was like a bitter aftertaste, rising in noxious waves and filling the back of her throat to the point where she could feel it threatening to leave her along with most of her breakfast. In spite of it all she spared a glance anyway. Feeling that slight surge in emotion. That little spike of anger, the rose up inside of her. Pure hatred. Mixed with feelings of disgust and loathing.

Debbie’s left eye was sealed shut, a large and grisly purple lump forming there. It was only a small comfort, but Louise was out for all the comfort she could get.

“Firstly let me start by saying that in all my years as a teacher I have never seen anything like the scene that took place this morning. You should both be ashamed of yourselves.”

Louise remained silent. Keeping her gaze firmly fixed on the floor as Debbie began her defence.

“I hardly think you’re being fair here Anita…”

Louise felt her stomach lurching again as she tried to keep herself from getting worked up.

‘God! First name terms!’

“…I mean I was told this morning that she shouldn’t have even been bringing him here in the first place!”

"And it would have been handled properly if you hadn’t taken matters into your own hands”

Louise found it a struggle just to catch up. Just the sudden mixture of emotions was almost too much for her to bear. Though she wasn’t surprised that Debbie had been harbouring a little inside information from others at the school, she was annoyed by it.

She got the impression that this was a conversation that had been started behind her back. Though she knew that it would have been nearly impossible, she suddenly felt like she was being backed in to a tight corner. Like it was her against everybody else.

She shot a look over to Mrs Dobson. Whose expression was one of complete indifference.

“I have no idea what you’re on about!” Debbie protested

“She caused all the trouble and she should have been dealt with properly!”

Debbie went in to a long rant about her long years with the school and how she’d never been so insulted. And Louise, still sitting there speechless and caught somewhere between anger and shock, felt her inner rage mounting with every single word that left Debbie’s mouth.

She clenched her fists into tight little balls hard enough for her to dig tiny crescents into her skin with her own fingernails. Gritting her teeth as Debbie continued her verbal onslaught. She felt her blood beginning to boil. The heat in her body rising gradually until she reached a point where she could no longer stand it.

“Back off BITCH! You’re the one who jumped ME in the playground!”

Debbie’s head whipped round to acknowledge her as she called something. Louise didn’t hear it. She couldn’t hear anything anymore. All she could hear was the deafening roar as the two of them hurled insults at each other from across the short distance. Louise called her all the names under the sun, and was pretty sure Debbie was doing the same back. Her mind was racing. The whole thing was a blur. She could only recall inching closer to Debbie as their war of words escalated.

They were interrupted by a loud SLAM. Both of them jumping a little with surprise as they turned to the desk. Mrs Dobson was standing, her face flushed, her eyes blazing with fury as she gazed at them both. A pile of books was spilling across the surface of her desk. And Louise once more felt the heat flood her cheeks as she hung her head in shame.

“Just LISTEN to you both!!!” Mrs Dobson roared.

“In all my years at Broadmouth I have NEVER seen such reckless immature behaviour!”

Debbie opened her mouth, about to defend herself when she was quickly over ruled.

“You are BOTH grown adults and frankly I don’t CARE who started what! You will both stop this nonsense right now or I will see to it that both children are expelled!”

Louise felt her throat dry up instantly as her breath was caught. Mrs Dobson took a few moments to regain her composure. Exhaling deeply, her silvery grey hair trailing
forwards as she sat herself back down.

“Ms Rosen. I was very specific yesterday regarding my recommendation. Peter should not have been in school today. And I would have contacted you with regards to his return to school….”

“But…” Louise protested.

“…However. In light of today’s events I have decided that it would be in everyone’s best interests for both boys to have a few days away from this environment.”

As the words sank in, Louise was certain that she’d left behind the school grounds and had walked straight into the courtroom. She looked on feeling helpless and ashamed as the judge in front of her passed a devastating sentence.

“Peter and Gavin are suspended until the end of the week. They will finish their day today and be picked up as usual. But I do not want to see either of them back her until Monday morning. Is that clear?”

“That’s outrageous!” Debbie complained.

“My Gavin hasn’t done anything wrong!”

“Well maybe next time Mrs Woodall you will think twice before becoming a law unto yourself.”

Mrs Dobson sounded the very definition of calm. But Louise couldn’t help but notice the pointed way she’d referred to Debbie as Mrs Woodall. And as she thought briefly about Peter’s punishment she felt that under the circumstances at least Gavin would be suffering the same kind of punishment for his mothers actions.

“Since next week will be the last week before Christmas, the children will only be attending the first three days of the week. You will have a chance to compose yourselves and think about your actions. Any work they are to miss out on this week will be gathered up today for them to do at home.”

A solemn hush descended. Broken only by the scraping sound of Mrs Dobson’s chair as she eased it back and stood up. She walked towards the door, grasping the handle.

“Understand ladies that this is the last I want to hear from either of you on this matter. I will have copies of an incident report ready for you to sign and take with you at the end of the day today…”

The door was snapped open.

“That will be all for now.”

The women moved slowly out of their seats. Moving silently out of the room and into the hallway. The door being promptly closed behind them as they left. Louise moved to walk away, when she felt a hand gripping her arm. Clutching tightly enough for her to feel the nails digging into her skin through the fabric of her clothes. She looked up, her eyes coming quickly in to contact with Debbie’s ice cold stare.

“This isn’t over.” Debbie hissed.

“Yes it is” Louise answered flatly.

“If you think I’m about to let you get away with any of this then you are sadly mistaken. I will see you suffer for the damage you’ve caused.”

Louise snatched her arm away from her. Watching as a devious smile spread across Debbie’s face.

“Consider yourself warned.” Debbie uttered and moved to walk away herself.

Louise felt her anger getting the better of her once again as she lashed out, took Debbie by the arm and dragged her. The two of them glaring at each other as they stood toe to toe.

“You listen to me.” Louise uttered through gritted teeth.

“I don’t give a s**t about what you intend to do. But I will tell you something. If ANYTHING happens to me or my son, I will make your life a living hell. Do you hear me?”

There was no mistaking the severity of her tone. And Debbie’s eyes flashed with a brief glimpse of fear before that ice-cold glare returned. She released her, backing off slowly as she said out loud.

“Consider yourself warned”

With that Louise turned and walked away. Her point made. Her heart sinking as the humiliation set in. The thoughts swimming though her muddled mind as she wondered how on earth she was going to explain things to Kiefer.

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