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Post by kieferfan13 on Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:29 am

Lea Anna Cooper wrote:

Just imagine, with all the merciless and outrageously erroneous media Kiefer Sutherland is now receiving regarding ‘no more autographs’ it has to make his true fans pretty annoyed. The argument has recently driven home that it is ‘not’ making his followers feel better, in any way, because of the charade of words being published, which are indicating that he is currently refusing to sign all autographs. The truth is, he is signing autographs, or he was in the nation’s capitol the other day. Yes, that was for the true Kiefer fans.

My E-mail In-box has been inundated once again, with letters from Kiefer’s followers, writing to me in protest to much of the recent coverage, and I will say this included mine as well. Since, however, I’ve been the only medium who has been objective and a bit more fair, I decided to actually listen to what these people had to say. After all, they’ve had the pleasure of making Kiefer’s acquaintance several times, whereas I have not. On the other hand, I do know the difference between the truth and a lie or as they say, a ‘well spun yarn,’ and it’s my belief that those, who are closer to him than I, would most certainly know better. The accounts I’ve been hearing are absolutely amazing, some of which I felt essential to share.

Kiefer’s followers recognize that much of this hogwash are accounts, which are not only uncharacteristic of him as an actor, but also as a man. Especially when comparing it with everything they have ever read, or know, about his interaction with them. Those individuals, who have been fortunate enough to meet him, have witnessed his politeness and that eternal fortitude, with his heart and eyes on them, when they are speaking to him, as though that one person at a time is the one and only one in the room.

The ‘real fans’ know this because of how fascinated they are with and by him. To each individual who reads this story, and does not know the reality of the situation, or the authenticity of Kiefer Sutherland, then it creates a tangled web, which basically is making him look like somewhat of a ‘twit,’ who no longer wants to be bothered. Nothing could be further from the truth and this obviously will not be tolerated; at least not by me, in this article.

What other members of the press do not realize is that Kiefer’s fans receive Google alerts delivered to their E-mail addresses so that they do not miss anything about him. They have links sent to them for any reason, and every time he comes up on the Google Alert. These notices could imply numerous things every day, on any subject related to Kiefer; but as one could envision, they have been substantial and very rapid over the last few days.

What these articles have boiled down to is that they have all been startling, derogatory and destructive; consequently requiring someone providing some type of rebuttal as to enlightenment of the accounts made. I guess that’s where I come in because I believe that this is a significant situation, which has gone adrift at this juncture. It appears to be choking in that web of irrational lies.

It is most important to realize that Kiefer was not pointing his finger at anyone but himself for his drinking activities. What is more is that he’s actually stepping up to the plate to receive his reprimand. The jail time he will be serving is more than likely additional to what it would have been, had he decided to fight the charges. It is, in my sense of right, a deal that he’d chosen, along with his attorney, to protect the shooting schedule of “24” and FOX, his fellow actors, writers and crew. (I have related this before). His declaration of his conduct was correct, he is more willing to complete his time in jail, instead of crying to the court as well as the public, or making griping renunciations, pronouncement’s of divinity, or being yanked, while hog-tied and whimpering from his house, which was the behaviour of other so-called ‘celebrities.’ What it all was meant to do was to see to it that each of the people involved in the production of “24” were not affected in any way by his apprehension, or incarceration. In the greater scheme of things it was so that this issue did not affect the fans and the individuals who love and watch “24”.

Kiefer is not infuriated with genuine devotees. However, he is somewhat enraged, with the others, and not surprisingly so, by professional autograph hunters; those people who regularly take pictures of the celebrity signing the autograph, which gives those individuals the ability to provide the all important, (to their sale price), ‘Certificate Of Authenticity.’

These particular individuals had taken photos of Kiefer when he was quite clearly debilitated. What is more, they continued to do so, without an ounce of consideration or aforethought for his welfare, or for the consequences that may follow. Lets face reality, people…and I speak to the individuals who seem to ‘get off on photographing or video taping celebrities in a dilemma,’ and Kiefer Sutherland is, after all THE MEAL TICKET, RIGHT?

What this does, people, is make the guilty parties no better than ‘mongers.’ Nonetheless, even though these folks SAY they care, they in fact DO NOT, with the exceptions of themselves that is. However, was anyone protecting Kiefer and was all that picture taking, videotaping and autograph hunting in someone’s best interests? BEST INTEREST OF WHOM? Obviously not the man doing the signing!

All of this happened because there was simply only one way to ensure that these over-developed leeches would STOP. I presume you know ‘who you are;’ the ones who push other people ‘out of the way,’ those who trample ‘children’ as I’ve found out, ‘elbow jab everyone around them, man woman or child,’ and those who’ve been ‘darn near knocking over female senior citizens,’ just to get their place in front of the MAN who is creating their next E-Bay buck! Aren’t these folks just adorable. Fans like this should be left standing at the ‘back of the line,’ if at all, NOT THE FRONT! These people would much prefer to get a good price for their autographed photos, then to show an ounce of decency for another human being.

The real fans are right! These individuals are no more than a scamper of mere leeches, always looking to suck the last ounce of blood from someone else. What a great way to make a fast buck, RIGHT? WRONG! It’s blatant and pitiful. Their conduct is utterly ludicrous, and I would have thought Kiefer would have had the backing, or should I say ‘the backbone’ of most people, for making sure that they do not continue to make money from him under these circumstances. Kiefer’s manners have been more than even-handed in this respect, and to have this story ‘spun’ into a web of lies and deceit that is entirely unlike the truth of the circumstances is a horrible pretence. These people have shown an unmitigated and unquestionable lack of humanity towards a MAN, who has eternally and courteously provided them with the means to make their living. Therefore, it is unconditionally necessary and appropriate that their loss is in the only way anything would affect them; "the loss of their mighty dollar."


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New article posted by Lea Anna Cooper; Style7,Kiefer

New article posted by Lea Anna Cooper; KIEFER-2
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Post by Celia_B on Sat Nov 10, 2007 6:47 am

Your article was great ! I admire you for writing it. I agree with alot of your points.


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